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Children's Play Mats

Children's Mats

Your child's mind is always developing in new and exciting ways with sights and sounds and experiences. And to keep their development on track, they need cerebral stimulation wherever they go.

Play lies at the heart of a great childhood. Do you remember your own, when you could imagine you were a deep-sea diver with only a cardboard box and a pipe cleaner? Or when you could pretend you were a Jedi with a kitchen roll tube for a lightsaber? During rain-soaked Sunday afternoons, you were indoors saving the world of rescuing the prisoners of a villainous pirate ship.

Your imagination bursts at the seams when you're a child - but only if it remains nourished.

Firing the imagination

We've created a variety of children's play mats to help foster your child's imagination to its fullest extent.

Your little angels could aspire to become the next David Attenborough with an Animals Play Mat.

For the little princess in your life, we've got pink mats covered in hearts, so they can enjoy a bright and sparkling range of colours.

Our mats won't only stoke the flames of imagination. They also create wide play spaces that will bring endless joy to a rainy afternoon.

They can play hopscotch with our specially designed mats (and learn all about numbers) or discover the magic of space with our Solar System mat.

What's more, we know that even the neatest kids are prone to mess. That's why all our children's play mats are easy to clean and durable.

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