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Cotton Mats

Cotton Mats

The ultimate in comfort and convenience

Pure cotton mats are several steps ahead of bristle and other floor mat surfaces. For a start, cotton is ultra-absorbent and can hold three times its weight in water. It's also super-efficient at attracting and retaining dirt and dust that might otherwise be carried into your home from outside.

As you might expect, these features make cotton mats especially popular with anyone who happens to have more interesting things to do with their time than continually hoovering, sweeping and cleaning up after dogs, cats and/or kids!

Cotton is a 100% natural, fully sustainable material which epitomises environmental friendliness. And as if all that wasn't enough, it also happens to be extremely comfortable underfoot.

More cotton mat benefits

So much for the general details about cotton mats. Now down to the nitty-gritty...

  • Simply stepping on a cotton mat is enough for any water to be absorbed - perfect for residents and visitors who don't stop to wipe their shoes (or paws!).
  • The more cotton mats are washed, the more their fibres open up and the more effective they become at absorbing water and removing dirt.
  • Thick cotton tufts are wonderfully luxurious and comfortable underfoot - so our non-slip bath mats are something to really look forward to when you eventually drag yourself out of that lovely warm shower.

As you can see, cotton's incredible versatility really does make it ideal for domestic door and floor mat duties.

How to care for cotton mats

Whether you're looking for a kitchen, bath or entrance mat, you'll find our original Dirt-Trapper mats tough and durable - in fact, so confident are we about their ability to withstand the harshest of wear that we offer you a five-year guarantee with each of them.

That said, cotton mats do appreciate being treated to a machine wash occasionally to keep them at their most attractive and efficient.

Washing your cotton mat couldn't be simpler. Just shake off any loose dirt before folding it in half and in half again, keeping the upper surface facing outwards. Wash at a temperature of 30 or 40 degrees centigrade, without using fabric conditioner, then tumble-dry on a medium setting.

Once it is completely dry, your mat is ready to get back to work again, helping to keep your home smarter, cleaner and safer!

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