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Designer Mats

Designer Mats

Designer mats lend a touch of class

Mat Factory mats aren't just functional, they're also pretty good to look at (even if we do say so ourselves)! Our range of designer mats will brighten up any corner of your home while still offering all the dirt-battling benefits of our standard products.

We offer designer lines in most ranges as well as a huge variety of designer mats for every room.

Why choose a designer mat?

  • To lend a splash of personality to your home
  • To protect your expensive flooring
  • To complement your interior design concepts

Designer mats really are an attractive, multi-purpose addition to any home, and by browsing our extensive selection, we're sure you'll find something that suits, even if your interior design ideas are more Lawrence of Arabia than Lawrence Llewellyn-Bowen!

A designer mat: is a unique gift idea

Our designer mats are designed to complement the décor in your home as well as to provide a functional solution to the problem of dirt and dust. But they also make fantastic gifts!

Admittedly, it's tempting to stick with the tried and tested when buying presents for friends or relatives, but the depth of our range means the ideal left-field gift is just waiting to be discovered.

Interior design ideas

If you're thinking of sprucing up a room or living area, a designer floor mat is a superb way to aesthetically boost your decor and create a whole new ambiance.

What easier way is there to transform your room in an instant? Adding a designer floor mat is like adding a 'work of art' to your floor. Our design gallery has 100's of interior design ideas to inspire your creative side.

A room just isn't complete without a beautiful designer floor mat.

Browse our range of Designer Mats here...

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