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Doorstep Mats

Doorstep Mats

Your front line defence in the fight against dirt

Question: What does the perfect doorstep mat actually do?

Answer: The perfect doorstep mat lies in wait outside your entrance, scraping dirt quickly and efficiently from incomers' boots, shoes and paws BEFORE it even reaches your threshold. It forms a vital first barrier against dust, muck and mess - a modern-day, hygienic, weather-resistant drawbridge that will stop dirt and contaminants in their tracks.

Here at The Mat Factory, our range of outdoor entrance mats combines hard-wearing functionality with contemporary design to ensure 100% performance in every department.

If you're looking for doorstep mats, make us your first - and your last - port of call.

Welcome guests and ward off dirt with an outdoor mat

Question: What does the perfect doorstep mat actually do?

We all know houses can be busy places - especially when kids and pets are involved! That's why we offer a wide range of outdoor mats to suit every environment.

The Mat Factory - the BEST in the business

We have been producing and selling mats for over 40 years and everything we make today is imbued with every last drop of our market-leading experience.

Every mat we produce is professionally designed, manufactured from first-class materials, subject to stringent quality controls, and comes with a guarantee of impeccable customer care from purchase forward.

So if you need an outdoor mat, trust the experts. Trust The Mat Factory.

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