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Freesize Products

Freesize Products

There's nothing quite like being spoilt for choice

Whether it's deliberating over the seemingly infinite pick 'n' mix at the cinema, or deciding what shirt to wear on a night out, it's nice not to have to settle for just one option.

With that in mind, our liberating range of freesize products gives you the opportunity to choose floor mats or tableware tailor-made to your unique requirements.

After all, every space is different, which is why the freesize range is perfect, as it allows you to give us your precise dimensions (to the nearest centimetre) and we'll cut your product to size.

Not only that, but you can choose the colour and what type of backing you'd like before you complete your order.

Mats and Tableware Cut to Size

Regardless if you require a 40 x 60 cm Dirt-Trapper or a 200 x 800 cm coir mat, we're here to make sure you always get what you need.

Aside from cutting floor coverings to size, we offer a range of table protectors designed to guard your furniture from scratches, knocks, spills and fading.

Again, you can choose the width and length of your protector, along with the colour and whether you would like edging on it or not.

Here at The Mat Factory, we simply don't believe you should settle for a mat or table protector that doesn't suit your needs - so please take a look at our full range of made to measure products today.

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