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Kitchen Floor Mats

Kitchen Mats

Are you the next Nigella, creating scintillating dishes as you glide around your kitchen, asparagus in one hand and a mortar and pestle in the other? Or are you more like potty-mouth, Gordon Ramsay, turning the air blue as you clatteringly perfect a lasagne?

Whatever your culinary genius, one thing's for sure - there'll be plenty of spills and stains by the time your cooking is done.

It's an inevitability of the kitchen, no matter how careful you are. As pots and pans and utensils clang, the likelihood of pasta sauce falling from your counter and spilling all over your floor is high.

We've all suffered the annoyance of dropping a finely crafted meal on our kitchen tiles, as though we were performing a Charlie Chaplin tribute act - and the results of a spill can be a disaster.

Helping your kitchen tiles stay pristine

Ground-up food is a nightmare to scrub from kitchen tiles. And for most of us and our hectic lives, mopping the floor after every meal isn't a possibility.

The more stains your kitchen collects, the greater the number of germs and bacteria. No one wants a bad case of E coli or other germs polluting their dinner.

But with a few of our kitchen floor mats dotted around your cooking area, those nasty food stains need never touch the floor.

Mats ideal for any kitchen

Our mats have been specially designed to soak up morsels of food WITHOUT wearing out.

Should you drop some spag bol on your mat, all you need to do is pop it in the washing machine. Our wash+dry materials in particular are designed to be washed repeatedly and maintain a look that's as good as new.

And you'll be spoilt for choice when it comes to mats to suit your interior design. We've worked hard to provide you with mats in a variety of colours, designs, lengths and thickness to match almost any kitchen.

But it's not all about thrills and spills - place a door mat at your kitchen door and you'll never need to worry about muddy footprints on your tiles again.

Whether you want a runner mat, shaggy rug or something for the back door, we've got you covered. You could say it's the perfect digestif to round off a fantastic foodies' kitchen.

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