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Rubber Backed Mats

Rubber Backed Mats

Rubber Backed Mats

Everyone has a fear of slipping in the bath. For some, it's on the same level as spiders emerging from your plughole or getting your toe caught in your tap. So just imagine how silly you'd feel if you'd taken so much care in the bath, only to slip on a bath mat that isn't properly secured.

Slipping and falling in your home is a major danger. There's even a Fall Prevention Awareness Week every September. And no one wants to become a part of some accident safety statistic.

This is only one of the reasons why the majority of our mats are rubber backed. We value the safety of our customers, fitting our rubber backed door mats with 100 per cent nitrile rubber for added security.

Avoid a Slip, Trip or Fall

Our rubber backed bath mat in particular is designed to stop any slips, trips or falls on our products. So you can step out of your bath without worrying about a nasty accident.

Beyond our focus on slip-protection, our bath mats are extra durable. Our Bath Mats, for instance, will soak up water while still looking brand new, thanks to memory foam technology.

High quality absorption is the key to a great mat, which is why our Microdry mats offer super soft high quality memory foam HD™ that's ideal for your bathroom.

When a mat can absorb the majority of your moisture, the likelihood of slipping on a puddle of water is greatly reduced. So if you value safety as well as style, you know where to buy.

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