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Kleen-Cab Mat

Simple solution to in-cab taxi accidents

85 x 150 cm

Taxi drivers: are you sick of in-cab accidents disrupting valuable fare time?

With a Kleen-Cab Mat you can minimise the time it takes to clean your cab after a customer accident, allowing you to get back on the road in the shortest time possible.

Simply remove and replace the Kleen-Cab Mat, which can be cleaned at a more convenient time, when you're schedule is less hectic.

The Kleen-Cab Mat is a must-have item in the professional cabbies taxi supplies arsenal, with obvious added benefits to in-cab comfort, style, and cleanliness.

  • Hard wearing, crush-proof emboss pattern
  • Fabric top absorbs moisture from wet feet
  • Comfortable slip-reducing surface
  • Containment borders will hold liquid
  • Easily and quickly remove or replace when soiled
  • Simple to clean, vacuum, hose or steam clean
  • Easily shape to fit the cab floor using a craft knife or strong scissors

Kleen-Cab Mat

Size: 85 x 150 cm

Colour: Anthracite

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Product Details

Don't waste time cleaning your cab

It's the one thing Taxi drivers dread most; the busiest time of day and a customer has an involuntary accident all over the cab floor, now the driver has to take time out to clean the mess before he can take another fare.

That's where the Kleen-Cab Mat becomes a godsend - just remove the mat containing the mess and replace with a clean one, simple!

A quick blast of air freshener and you're back on the road. Surely this is the simplest and easiest solution to this unwanted problem?

Furthermore, when you add up the time saved from cleaning the floor, the mat is likely to pay for itself in no time.

...and of course, there's also all the usual benefits of using an in-cab mat:

Safety: The mat absorbs moisture from wet feet, reducing the likelihood of a slip accident.
Comfort: Soft fabric surface provides a luxury feel for you passenger to experience a more comfortable journey.
Style: The Kleen-Cab Mat provides an elegant textured surface that is far more aesthetically pleasing than a bare floor.

  • Size Metric: 85 x 150 cm
  • Size Imperial: 33.5" x 59"
  • Construction: Strong rubber embossed texture with nylon fabric surface
  • Functionality: Floor protection from customer accidents
  • Application: Inside Taxi cab
  • Cleaning: Vacuum, hose or steam clean


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