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Pet Mats

Mats for cats and dogs with dirty paws, you can't make them wipe their feet, but at least with the right floor mat in place you have the best chance of trapping dirt and moisture as they come bounding in from the garden.

Mats also work very well when placed under the feeding bowl, trapping spilled food as well as cleaning the animals paws while it eats.

Dirt-Trapper Mats

Dirt-Trapper Mats

The original 100% cotton doormat. Fully machine washable. The mat that works!
£ 24.99

Dirt-Trapper Mats Freesize

Dirt-Trapper Mats Freesize

100% cotton mats, custom cut to your precise dimensions.
£ 40.00

Keep your home clean and fresh

Bounding hounds and pouncing felines - they're the cutest bundles of joy on the planet, but they'll invariably create a mess when they come racing through the front door from your muddy garden. Our pet mats are specially designed for your smelly pooches and mucky cats, and their fantastic design will make your front door stand out from the crowd. So if you want to keep your home fresh, make sure your pets wipe their feet on the way in!


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