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Scraper Mat

Double action scrape and wipe

The Scraper Mat combines both fine heat-set and heavy duty fibres, giving you the best of both Worlds with both wiping and scraping action.

The mat's powerful scraping fibres ensure that heavy, coarse soils will never make it past your door again. On top of that, its finer fibres ensure that even the dustiest soils and moisture won't creep through either.

  • Dual action wipe and scrape
  • Slip-resistant rubber backing
  • Traps dirt and absorbs moisture from passing shoes
  • Vacuum to clean

Scraper Mat



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Product Details

Industry leading mat technology

Developed as a high performance mat that could easily deal with even the toughest demands, the Scraper Mat brings all new levels of efficiency to your floors.

Using two different sets of fibres, the Scraper Mat scrapes and absorbs dirt, dust and moisture from passing feet before entering your premises.

Capable of catching up to 50% more dirt than conventional matting.

  • Size Metric: 60 x 85 cm / 85 x 120 cm / 85 x 150 cm / 115 x 175 cm / 85 x 300 cm / 115 x 240 cm
  • Size Imperial: 24" x 33.5" / 33.5" x 47" / 33.5" x 59" / 45" x 69" / 33.5" x 118" / 45" x 94.5"
  • Construction: High-twist solution dyed nylon with Mono-filament.
  • Backing: Professional quality, 100% nitrile, slip-resistant rubber.
  • Functionality: Dual action scrape and wipe dust control mat for busy public entrance areas.
  • Application: Commercial or industrial use, indoor, store or public building entrance, factory, etc.
  • Cleaning: Vacuum to clean.


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